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Love Would Never Leave Us Alone

Could you be loved and be loved?
Could you be loved and be loved?

Don’t let them fool ya,
Or even try to school ya! Oh, no!

We’ve got a mind of our own,
So go to hell if what you’re thinking is not right!

Love would never leave us alone,
A-yin the darkness there must come out to light.

Could you be loved and be loved?
Could you be loved, wo now! – and be loved?

– Could You Be Loved, Bob Marley

Soul Rebel by David Burnett

“Soul Rebel shares a collection portraits of Bob Marley captured by award winning photojournalist David Burnett while on assignment for Time Magazine in 1976, and again for Rolling Stone in 1977.  Only a handful of images were used for the said articles, and over 200 images remained unreleased to the public, until Soul Rebel was published.  

 Portraying the charismatic musician at home in Jamaica, as well traveling on the legendary Exodus Tour though Europe, Burnett describes moments behind the scenes at a pinnacle point in Marley’s career.  Accompanying text in the book describes the Reggae moment at the time in Jamaica, as well as Burnett’s perspective of his time with Marley.”

Soul Rebel is available from Gulf Photo Plus in both Hardcover and Paperback.