This is JO3

I’ve lived in [arguably] the Middle East’s metropolis for a little over three years. Currently, 2.106 million people inhabit this 4,114 square kilometer urban jungle.  Living in a city that is self-defined as an environment of stark contrasts and great extremes, there are days when it’s hard not to feel so overwhelmed.

I’ve been an nomad / urban explorer for the better part of the last decade. I’ve packed up my life in 20x20x20 cardboard boxes more than I had cared to. [Honestly] most days, I’m just looking for home.

Described as “a modern-day Dante traversing the pits of Hell before ascending into Paradise, J03 is a man far out of his depth and just looking for the road home” by the cool uber geeks over at Gizmodo, he is a man as an 8-bit robot trapped in the digital revolution.