Of Something Beautiful is a curated treasury of all things beautiful.

Although often influenced by culture, time, environment, and experience; a thing of beauty transcends. At the core Of Something Beautiful is the understanding that beauty is ‘both ancient and new’, existing on a plane that is untouched by time. Furthermore it is the belief that the definition and purpose of beauty – seen or unseen – isn’t singular, instead it is infinitely far-reaching.

Of Something Beautiful is a rich compendium of pieces that sit across the spectrum of various schools of thought; covering themes from art, design, education, technology, science, philosophy, history, psychology, humanities, sociology, ecology, anthropology, and more.

Of Something Beautiful celebrates discovery, inspiration, creation, expression, diversity, pleasure, truth, and joy. Each piece in the collection is a testament to our shared humanity, collective consciousness, and our search for deeper meaning.

What is beautiful is universal; allowing you an intimate awareness of life and the world we live in. Because ultimately, it is our individual and personal experience of what is ‘beautiful’ that matters.

Something beautiful moves you.

Something beautiful makes you feel something.

Something beautiful transforms you.

Something beautiful simply is.



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